Finding the best quotes is now very easy, all quotes in one place, on our website.

On our site you will find a selection of proven best quotations for every taste. Now let's find out what quotes are and what they are for.

Finding the best quotes is now very easy, all quotes in one place, on our website.

What is quote?

A quote (lat. Cito - "shift", "call") is a fragment of an artistic, journalistic, scientific or any other previously published work, when using a quote, you must specify the source.

The need for the use and correct design of quotations, arises not only in the creation of scientific works. The knowledge of winged expressions and the ability to give relevant quotations develops since school age, for example, when writing works. It is important to be able to use quotations of outstanding people, also taking into account the fact that it reflects the level of erudition and culture of the person, determines the sphere of interest (who likes to quote Confucius, another likes Shakespeare or Stephen Hawking, and someone likes the shocking thoughts of the vocalist of his favorite metal band), to use quotations is also one way of self-expression. The words of eminent people to which the speaker refers reinforce and deepen his own words and arguments during the oral or written expression of thoughts.

Interestingly, the use of quotations has long been a kind of tradition on the global Internet. In particular, quotes about success is one of the ways of self-motivation, which is now popular, because learning about the difficulties that have arisen in the path of successful and famous idols, a person gets reserves of energy and enthusiasm for action. It is as if such a person begins to understand all the features of success.

Quotes about life perform a similar function and help in the daily routine of the right emphasis in the real, eternal values, to perceive life's obstacles with humor and live in accordance with their own worldview, which are reinforced and held within the framework created by those people on whom we are equal, who we consider examples of the realization of talent, intelligence, healthy lifestyles, etc..

The decoration of a pleasant conversation can always be funny quotes, designed to defuse the atmosphere and make a positive contribution to a friendly meeting or correspondence.

We live in an information society, information is a weapon, and therefore the ability to use information correctly at all levels is an important skill of a media literate person who knows how to first of all check the sources that are quoted and properly execute them.