7 habits through which your brain literally shrinks and works worse.

Sounds bad, but it's part of the natural aging process. Still, a certain lifestyle can make your brain worse - literally reduce it. Our habits and toxic environment can negatively affect the structure and function of the brain, even destroying its cells, making it physically smaller.

7 habits through which your brain literally shrinks and works worse.

1. Stress

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol are associated with decreased brain volume, worsening memory and mental abilities.

2. Sleep deprivation.

People who regularly fall asleep have less brain mass than those who sleep longer. But it's never too late to start sleeping enough," said neuropsychologists.

3. Alcohol.

Studies show that even moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with a reduction in the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with cognitive function and learning.

4. Inactivity.

An active lifestyle is useful not only for the body but also for the brain. A sedentary lifestyle can affect the reduction of brain volume over time, especially with age, having a bad effect on the ability to think and process information. The fact is that physical activity increases blood flow to the anterior cingulate cortex, which is activated when you need to think quickly.

5. Fast-food.

What you eat can also affect the health of your brain. In fast-food, there is usually a lot of sugar, salt, and fat that affects how the brain shapes memory and can eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease. One study has shown that regular consumption of sweet drinks and fast food, as well as semi-finished meat, reduces hippocampus.

6. Smoking.

Cigarettes are not only harmful to the lungs, but also to the brain. Scientists have found that smokers have thinner bark of large hemispheres, an area that affects memory, speech and perception. If you stop smoking, you can restore the thickness of the cortex a little, but the process is very slow.

7. It's a routine way of life.

You might want to become more spontaneous. Because when we start doing everything on the machine, the brain just stops working and starts shrinking.