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How to do yourself reflection rightly? Reflexion is useful and harmfu.l.

Not everyone understand what reflexion is - so many complain that reflexion is not good, but only sadness and depression. What is reflexion and how do we direct reflexion to our own benefit?

7 habits through which your brain literally shrinks and works worse.

Sounds bad, but it's part of the natural aging process. Still, a certain lifestyle can make your brain worse - literally reduce it. Our habits and toxic environment can negatively affect the structure and function of the brain, even destroying its cells, making it physically smaller.

Thirteen signifies that your boyfriend want break up with you, but afraid to do this

If your boyfriend doing something from writes below, he's trying to get you to dump him. Because men are often afraid of female emotions during divorces.

Conscious consumption is not about restrictions or prohibitions.

Conscious consumption is not an account of the rules and recipes by which you can become happy and save the planet. It is a daily question to yourself and a search for your personal, individual honest answers and decisions made in your heart.

Yes and no - weighs the same. How do you answer the question?

When you let yourself be direct and open, you give that freedom to others as well. To any question or suggestion I have, I am ready to hear both positive and negative answers. And if a friend with the answers is better for me, I will inform my interlocutor about it and formulate the question in a different way.

Train your memory: a letter from Umberto Echo to his grandson who should be read by everyone.

The outstanding Italian writer Umberto Eco (1932 - 2016) started his literary career quite late: his debut novel "The Name of the Rose", which brought him worldwide fame and recognition, was published when the author was 48 years old and a few years on the bestseller list.

The crisis of the middle viscosity: 12 speeches, which are men do the most often.

Someone starts dating a girl half their age, someone quits work and goes on a trip, and someone starts sitting at the TV all day long. That's all because a person realizes they're starting to get older. And he has a midlife crisis. That's what happens most often